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 Pictures for Forums 

This page contains the information you need to upload, by FTP, any pictures you wish to display in your messages or gear listings.

Pictures should be appropriate for the listing and in good taste. Anything not deemed appropriate by the Webmaster or moderators can be immediately deleted.  See the rules for more information about content.

  1. Cave Diver's Faces

  2. To just view all the pictures uploaded to this site, click here:    then on the picture file name to view it.

  3. Upload your pictures using Java:

    User: cavediver       Password: *** Email us for it ***

  4. Upload your picture(s), via FTP, to  or Into this folder:

  5. If you don't have an FTP program you can download a shareware version from here. Click here to download WS_FTP Limited Edition, by John A Junod and Ipswitch,  Inc.   Note, the size of this file is just over 1 meg.  Install (open) the program, once downloaded.  When you run it for the first time, create a NEW entry and type in the information to match the following graphic:   

    Profile Name:  Cave Diver's Forum (anything)
    Host Name/Address:   or
    User ID:  cavediver
    Password:  ***  You have to email us for it   ****

  6. In the body of your message or gear listing, type and enter the following html code, to include your picture name.<YOUR_PICTURE.JPG>

  7. Upload picture formats with the extensions of .jpg and .gif (these are the best).  Keep your files small or people with dialup modems might not want to wait for them to display. 


For questions or comments please email:

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