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Thread: Rix Compressor

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    Question Rix Compressor

    I have the chance to buy a RIX SA-6G compressor for a couple hundred $$.
    does anyone have any experience with this compressor brand?
    I just want to make sure it is worth it before I fork out the money. It runs, but the owner doesnt know much more than that.
    I have already checked out the RIX website and downloaded the infor on it, just wondering if anyone has any hands on experience with them.


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    It's a good compressor and delivers oil-free air, if possible I'd go take a look and run it to see if it actually compresses and just overall condition. Chances are you may have to rebuild it, which is not difficult, the parts and the manual are available from RIX (but they do run more than a couple of hundred $$). If there is no gross damage and it compresses to the rated setting then I'd say it is a good buy, even if you have to rebuild it. A new one runs a few thousand $$.

    Take the brochure from RIX with you and compare it to what you are looking at buying...

    Dive safe,


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    Thanks. I figured buying it and rebuilding it would still be cheaper than a new one. The guy sais it runs and filled tanks a few months ago, but hasnt been used since, so it has just been sitting around. I am mechanically savy, so I can save money by rebuilding it myself.

    Thanks for your input.



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