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    Default Amigos Dive Center 2nd Anniversary Celebration this weekend

    Amigos Dive Center 2nd Anniversary Celebration

    Hosted by Wayne Kinard

    on all weekend long: Saturday, Sunday and Monday, January 17-19

    If you came to last year’s celebration, you know what a good time everybody had. Come enjoy the free hamburgers, hot dogs and chicken Wayne will be cooking up throughout the weekend. And you won’t want to miss:

    * On Saturday, January 17, Dive Rite will be here with its “trailer load,” customer appreciation sale. Stop by for unbeatable savings.

    * On Monday, January 19, Wayne will be serving seafood while you take advantage of the half price Nitrox available all day.

    * Gene Page will have photos from Wayne and Janet’s wedding January 10.

    There will be raffles and door prizes given away throughout the weekend. All money generated by the raffle will go to the DAN/Liz Halbach Memorial Fund.

    Don’t miss out!!!

    Denise Byrne
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    Dayo Scuba

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    I plan to be there on Saturday evening. How late is the DR truck staying? I need a Nomad

    Hope to see some of you there!

    Ryan Battles

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dinny View Post
    * Gene Page will have photos from Wayne and Janet’s wedding January 10.
    Any word on the wedding? Like the wedding cake didn't blow up or anything did it? They didn't get in a big fight and divorce the next day? Any good stories?

    Totally kidding about disasters! Just curious since I hadn't heard!


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