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Thread: Cannonball

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    Default Cannonball

    Ed Pavey wrote: "Lake temp is dropping and vis is increasing in thed lake so much that you can see ambient light from beyond the cannonballs.. Vis in the cave is 45 to 50 with low flow..

    Dove with Ken from Y-kiki, it was his first time in CB.. I dought if it his last..

    Also Not so big Bob, Bill Harrison, Jon Connally, Earnie Wilson, and Heidi McMullin."

    Ed posted this under an older cannonball discussion, but I thought it deserved a new thread for recent dive reports.


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    The lake was brisk with about six feet of vis, the best I have seen.. Vis in the cave was it has been all year around 40 feet.. Flow was low.. I am glad we dove yesterday when the air temp was a warm 40 degrees with overcast sky, today it reached 16, but sunny.

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    Dove Cannonball today. The lake water is right at the mouth of the cave. It made finding the entrance a little tricky but managable. Vis in the lake was nasty "0".. Vis in the cave was 30 feet. Flow was up a little at the entrance, but not much. Turned the dive at 150' because of my buddies equipment issues.


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