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    Default Amigos dive center

    I stopped in yesterday for the first time with a new dive buddy Dean.This place is cool,and Wayne is really nice as well.Its not your average dive shop even for cave country.I hope its not suppose to be a secret.The operating hours are 24/7,and its out of my way to Luraville so I thought but the mileage going through Fort White is actually the same.Honesty is the policy and I hope someone like DIC,doesnt ever go there.

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    Default Amigos

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    Wayne's a good guy. I've known him since he lived here in Ohio, before he moved back to his hometown of FTWhite. He's got some good cave stories, albeit hair raising, of his youth...ask him sometime.

    I always bring Wayne a care package of the Cincinnati delicacies he can't get in FL.

    There are 3 kinds of people in this world; those who are good at math, and those who are not.

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    Wayne is an extremely nice guy, he rebuilt a manifold for me at 11pm during Basic cave when it was discovered that it was rebuilt very poorly by the previous owner, and it started leaking from both posts at the same time while filling at his place...very nice guy!

    I have heard of people ripping him off....if any diver ever tells me that they ripped him off, I think they will find out that I don't find it very funny. . .

    Whenever people ask me where to get gas in cave country, I reccomend CEE and Amigos, both very heartily!

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    Quote Originally Posted by JahJahwarrior View Post
    I have heard of people ripping him off....
    They should be strung up. It is a great shop


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    Amigo means friend and that´s what it feels like when you go there.

    I stayed with Wayne a couple of days in May and we had a lot of fun.

    BTW where else can you get a Trimix fill within 15-20 min?

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    Amigos is a great place and Wayne is the perfect southern gentleman.

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    I am one of the oldest, yet most unknown and least "important" cave divers in Florida.
    Yet Wayne always has time for me and even invited me and my wife to go dancing and dining in Lake City with him and his fiancee.

    My main problem is I'm too stupid to fill my own gas.

    To be fair: there are other nice dealers out these, Cathy is certainly one.
    But I don't know any that are as trusting as Wayne.

    Keep up the great work, Wayne!

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    Wayne is a great guy!! He's got a great place there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Me View Post

    I always bring Wayne a care package of the Cincinnati delicacies he can't get in FL.
    Mmmmmmm.... Montgomery Inn, Skyline, and Graeters...



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