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    Default Cave for sale in Texas?

    I was recently in Wimberly, Tx (central TX) and noticed a property listing for an area know as Blue Hole. I have previously heard of this area but did not know if it is diveable. The owners listed approx. 15 acres along a river (Blanco?) where a waterfall empties into a swimming hole. The listing stated that the "Blue Hole swimming area is 38 ft deep, spring fed and contains an underwater cavern". The area is near San Marcos. Has anyone heard of this Blue Hole before? Is this cavern diveable? I have heard stories of swimmers diving into an air pocket in a cavern in this general area before, but that's about it.


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    Default Wimberly, TX cave

    The only one i'm aware of in Wimberly is "Jacob's Well"....

    Is this it?

    Good reading here, love the one about the kids with the water heater submarine...

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    Default cave for sale in Texas

    Not sure if it is the same place or not but I hope this is of some help.



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    Parks & Historic Sites – Recreation Grants Branch
    Regional Park Grant Recipients
    Project: Wimberley Blue Hole Regional Park
    Project Sponsor:

    Matching Funds: $1,908,500

    Location: Hays County

    The Village of Wimberley requests support to acquire 76 acres by purchase/donation to develop Blue Hole Regional Park and Preserve located on Cypress Creek in the northeast area of the Village. Proposed development includes a 2-mile multi-purpose trail, soccer field, 10 benches, 10 picnic tables, enhancement of a freshwater swimming area, xeriscape garden, and project acknowledgement signs. The local match consists of the county bond funds; a grant from the Lower Colorado River Authority; a grant from the Trust for Public Land; the value of the private sector land donation; and private donations of cash, labor, equipment and materials.

    Later, Andrew

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    Default Blue Hole in Wimberley

    I don't think this is an actual cave. This is an area sort of like Telford where all the locals like to hang out. They have a rope swing from the trees, and tree jumping. Both sides of the river are private land with one side being a private park I believe. We have been down there with a mask and snorkel to check it out. There is an air bell under the edge where you can dive down to and surface, but no cave that we could find.


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    Default Cave for sale in Texas?

    Thanks for the info. I figured that if there was an actual cave system associated with this spring, someone would have found it by now. However, you never know; especially with other springs being so close by.

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    Simple, go with your gear in the car and your realtor. Tell them you need to dive the system to see if it is worth buying...

    How much are they asking???

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    Default RE: Cave for sale

    The place you are talking about, if it is indeed Jacob's well, has a cave associated with it. There is an incident report in the IUCRR site related to a recovery made in Mar 2001 that describes the cave to be 130+ in depth and the recovery made approx 287 feet in. The viz described was 50+ feet. Check the IUCRR archives for the description, not that it is too extensive.

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    Default Re: Wimberly, TX cave

    Quote Originally Posted by Widiver_Paul
    The only one i'm aware of in Wimberly is "Jacob's Well"....

    Is this it?

    Good reading here, love the one about the kids with the water heater submarine...
    seems like a cool place to dive

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    Default Cave for sale in Texas?

    The place i am talking about is NOT Jacob's Well. These two springs are maybe 25-30 miles from each other. I dove Jacob's Well many years ago and would love to go back some time. I actually thought about going down as a "prospective buyer" and check it out. Since I no longer live in Texas and didn't have my gear at the time , this could take awhile. However, if anyone does make it down there, I'd love to hear about it. Isn't that what Sheck Exley did with Cathedral? If I remember correctly they wanted $450,000 for about 15 acres on the water. Good Luck.



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