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Thread: He Analyzer

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    Default He Analyzer

    My He analyzer died so I'm looking to buy a new one. I have one of these O2/He "TekCheck" units from TDL (Tech Diving Limited) and I'm really not interested in fixing it. Dealing with C-Squared for sensors and battery packs is a PITA and I never really liked the unit from day one anyway.

    I also have an older OMS O2 only analyzer, the figure 8 or peanut style. All it needs is a new sensor so I'm not necessarily looking to get another analyzer that does both, although I'm not opposed to it. Seems like most of the dual units, you get the O2 side at no significant additional cost anyway.

    Suggestions? What are you guys using to analyze your He?

    How do you guys like the Dive Rite unit?

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    Default Oxycheq

    Hi Mike,

    Hope all is well, hope to see you guys again in October.

    I don't own one, but I've used Andy's Oxycheq set up a few times. It's the one with the 2 separate units side by side in a Pelican case with a hose that plugs right in to your LP inflator, there is a T-piece connecting the 2 units so you can analyze both gases at once. Worked fine when I used it and I've never heard him complain about it.

    Talk to yo soon,

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    I purchased a dive rite helium analyzer when they first introduced them. I forget exactly which year that was, but I think it was about 10 years ago. It has worked flawlessly, and gets used regularly.

    Have Fun,


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    I've got a TekChek that I bought when Joel had that great sale a couple of years ago. It has worked fine for me. Although I'm not looking forward to replacing any sensors, or fixing anything when the time comes, either. Have you looked at the Oxycheq analyzers? When the time comes for me to have to get another analyzer, I think I'm going to go with one of those. They're a little less than the DR analyzers, too.

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    Edd has a great sale going on right now, has a couple different He and He/O2 analyzers. I'll probably pick one up from him in the next couple days.

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    Well, I decided on the Teledyne He/O2 analyzer. Mike Edmonston's prices are competative with the others, certainly worth giving him a phone call.

    Mike Edmonston (username: Mike Edmonston) Technical Scuba Training Center, FL.

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