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    Default A Glimmering in Darkness

    I just finished Graham Balcombe's book "A Glimmering in Darkness", edited by Duncan Price
    and published 2007 by the British Cave Diving Group. An excellent book - lots of history about the beginnings of British cave diving starting in the 1930's, up into the mid-1950's. Much of it is original source material from the logs and notebooks kept by the divers at the time. They were very determined - not only were they inventing equipment and techniques as they went along, but they were bicycling many miles to the caves hauling all their gear in rucksacks or in a little trailer!

    This book is produced by "Lulu" - they have it in electronic format, and when you order it, they print it off, bind it up, and mail it out. I had no experience with such a process, and half expected a poorly put together product of some desktop publishing operation in someone's cellar. What I got was a nicely bound hardcover book with well reproduced photos - much higher quality than I had anticipated.

    I read "A Glimmering in Darkness" with my old favorite copy of Martyn Farr's "The Darkness Beckons" close at hand. They complement each other very well; Farr's book goes into more detail on some events that were just mentioned in passing in "A Glimmering", and has more photos. (Especially of the AFLOLAUN, a piece of equipment described in "A Glimmering", that has to be seen to be appreciated!) Balcombe's book has the advantage of being the original source material - written by the people doing the dives! A great book - anyone interested in the beginnings of cave diving should read it.


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    I have read it as well. I was really amazed at these guys' dedication. Riding a bike for 25 or 30 miles towing their gear behind them. Unbelievable! Additionally, the gear was so completely makeshift, that it's a wonder that more of them weren't killed in the process!

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    Just a heads up - it is now available in softback £10 + p&p or about $15 to the former colonies.




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