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    Default Little River, Telford and Peacock Conditions

    Can anybody give me an update on the conditions at Peacock, Telford, and Little River? Heading that way tomorrow. Thanks

    Bill Rotella

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    Default Conditions at Peacock, Telford, and Little River

    As of about 10 days ago, Peacock was greenish, with about 30 foot of vis, and the walls were very black from tannic. Almost like Manatee Springs. It was cool though, almost like being in a different system. Little River is also very dark, vis around 15, with particulate in the water and some perculation, but still very divable. Flow was not super strong. The was a noticeable flow a Peacock. You notice it more on the way out. I'm sorry, but I have not been to Telford yet. Hope this helps.
    John LaManna

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