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    Default Cave Vandalism Reward

    The NSS-CDS is offering a reward for information leading to prosecution of cave vandals. Not just at Cow, but at any underwater cave.

    There is more information at http://www.nsscds.org

    On the main page, as well as in the BOD forum.

    Forrest Wilson (with 2 Rs)
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    Default Cow

    Very good idea, we'll get the PSSP CSO to make a donation, to the fund. What they did at PSSP was terrible, people today however were great at removing all signs of it, a future flood will take care of any remaining traces but what they did to the wall in Cow is terrible, looking at the picture of the wall you see layer after layer of the different sediments and flattening out the DIC out will not return the wall layers to the way they were-it truly is a crime.



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