Ok this is a kickass compass used to map all the great systems in NFL and mexico, yepper line was laid and maps were made with this incredible compass (OK Im lying but I did use it for navigation course in my AOW heh heh) so anyway I found it the other day in the garage when I was having an argument with "K" about which wya was North we were both off by 45 degrees so it was a draw, I bought her a beer and she bought me one and we shook and made up sort of) Man that was the longest paranthetical expression posted to date. Back to the compass, it's big wrist mount analog, with the cool looking window you can see though when you got it trimmed out in fornt of you. Deffinatey DIR (snicker) unless you aren't. It cost something goign on 100.00 but today I'll sell it for 50.00+5.00 S&H at the risk of knowing which way is north and having to cough up another brew. Well this is an add so I'll just give the email address in case you can't find it in the buddy list etc (probably shouldn't buy it in that case and expect to find your direction but anyway) ....JetFinSid@charter.net