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Thread: WTB: PST 104s

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    Default WTB: PST 104s

    I am looking to buy a set of pressed steel 104s (fully assembled doubles). Preferably with a semi-recent hydro date. Please email me details and a pic if you've got it! Thanks.

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    Default Still looking...

    Still looking...

    Email me at t800@adelphia.net

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    Default Maybe I can help.

    I have a set of E130's, less than a year old, freshwater only, Diverite manifold w/ Sherwood knobs, OMS bands, 3400 psi of 32%. $700.00. Don't know how I'd get them to Orlando, but...

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    If you split those guys apart you can ship them via Fed Ex for $50-$60. I'd also be willing to buy them.



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