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    I just had a call from cave divers on their way to PSSP from Madison Blue
    they told me the sink is full of tannic water halfway up the steps and Martz sink is also tannic, they are allowing divers to go in the cave if you want to dive it. I just thought I'd pass the info along to save some people the drive there.

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    Thank you Janet, good info to have handy.

    Hope all is well,


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    Default Madison Blue

    On Thursday we went in Martz and the vis was about 15 ft to the main line. It cleared at the main line and got clearer as we went ahead. Vis in the Court Yard look great to me but my buddy told me it was slightly green and is normally cobalt blue. Awesome dive....

    I thought I had picked my favorite cave but it changed again....

    On another note though I think the river is still coming up so the above info might have changed.



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