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    Default Your input is needed

    Some of you may or may not know there are several active NSS Grottos in Florida Each year around spring a Grotto puts on an event. This year is Central Florida's turn. I would like to know:

    How many Cave Divers are interested in Dry Caving also (not currently involved)

    How many Cave Divers would be interested in an Event held at Ginnie in March that will help introduce you to Dry Cavers.

    How many would be interested in going on some dry cave trips

    Please let me know ASAP as I am trying to make a case that CAve Divers are part of the NSS and we need to include them in the Grottos and invite them to join. I know there are several out thre that are already active in both. So let see who's out there.



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    I would be interested.

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    I would be interested.


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    Hi Curt, I hope you have rappelling practice. I need to dust off my frog...
    Can you post us a link to sign up when you get a chance. Thanks, Cindy

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    Default Interested

    I'm interested. Nice to learn new things

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    Default Dry Caving

    I would be interested.

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    Default Dry Caving

    Would definitely be interested in dry cave trips.


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    Even tiny men like me have an interest.

    ps It looks like the 2008 NSS Convention will be here in Florida.


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    Would be all over it if I was going to be around in March

    I'm from the government and I'm here to help.



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