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    Default Solo Little River August 8, 2006

    The basin is at the lowest level I've ever seen, but filled with locals enjoying the cool waters on this hot day, August 8, 2006.

    I brought four back-up lights and entered the system at 1301, tying off to the big log outside the entrance, then to the rebar post, and finally to the main line. Flow was down, and visibility was up since a month ago. I would estimate visibility at 75 feet. I swam up the main line to the junction, took the Serpentine Tunnel to its terminus at the beginning of the Florida Room, and then headed back by way of the Merry-Go-Round Tunnel. No other divers were in the system: It was hauntingly lonely and surreal, and a fantastic experience.

    The juxtaposition of the locals swimming overhead, not knowing of the absolutely incredible scenery just 100 feet below them, occurred to me. When I surfaced after the dive, they asked me what was "down there," and I patiently described it for them. But you could see it in their faces, and you could hear it in their voices: They thought I was totally out of my mind to go in there. And I thought they were totally out of their minds for NOT going in there, perhaps the ultimate juxtaposition of the day.

    I drove home on Cloud Nine (and one beer at Chiapinni's in Melrose).

    Fun Facts: 77 cubic feet of gas used to get to the terminus of the Serpentine Tunnel, and then 26 cubic feet to exit. Mix was 32% Nitrox, with a maximum depth of 96 feet, and an average depth of 69 feet, for a max PO2 of 1.22 and PN2 of 2.6 for an END of 78 feet. The dive was 31 minutes long, with a SAC rate of .60 cubic feet per minute, based on the average depth.

    Rick Palm, RN
    Palm Coast, Florida

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    Thanks for the recap, Rick! Glad the 85's are working out well for you

    Safe diving,


    Education, enjoyment and exploration.....



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