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    Default The Dark Side of Tulum

    Check out ?The Dark Side of Tulum (Documentary)? from The Dark Side of Tulum on Vimeo.

    The video is available for your viewing pleasure at

    If you like this video, make sure you share it, too!

    Vimeo is filled with lots of amazing videos. See more at https://vimeo.com.

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    Anybody remember when the shallow injection wells from hotels caused eColi number so high in Cenote Ponderosa that you couldn't dive it.

    "Not all change is improvement...but all improvement is change" Donald Berwick

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    There are a number of cenotes in downtown Cozumel. I won't dive them as the sanitation issue scares me.

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    It sucks, I've seen several documentary's on this. It was good to see some familiar faces on there though.

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    Watched it last night (great mini-doc!) and having been there almost every year for 6 years now, already so much has worsened since 2013. Prices have more than doubled. During our visit last Xmas we wanted to dive Dos Pisos, which always has been a bit of a dump, but now... holy wow. It's just one long random landfill along the road. Garbage trucks randomly dump their contents with no sorting whatsoever. We turned around and went to Chan Hol. I can't support a landowner doing this to nature.

    If anyone has tips to better help the Tulum community, please advise. I already visit the smaller restaurants and skip the ones on the main street as much as possible. Bread, fruit and vegetables can be bought at the local stalls and shops instead of Chedraui/Aki.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ErikH View Post
    It's just one long random landfill along the road. Garbage trucks randomly dump their contents with no sorting whatsoever.

    I was there last year and did not see this. Well 2017 I mean. That's sad. It has definitely grown, to the point where I'd rather dive somewhere else than deal with the crowd. Much like Tajma ha.

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    I enjoyed the video.
    It can be a fragile situation bringing these things out, especially without much support to fix the problem. On the one hand it helps make people aware and begin to make positive changes. On the other hand it can cause developers to push harder to get in and make whatever money they can before the 'well dries up'.

    Jeff Rouse
    Chicago, IL

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    Even places like Dos Pisos, the surrounding garbage is getting out of hand on the track leading up to the kit up area - sad!


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