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    Default Frequency of scooter failure

    Personally I?ve never had a scooter failure, I?m wondering how often this happens and your story behind it, , especially with the newer more reliable scooters seems quite rare

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    UV-26, new SS motor, venom speed controller. Failed, stuck on. Rodney said it's not the first time it's happened. Unfortunately he was not willing to offer any sort of discount on a replacement speed controller despite it being ~1yr old. 30 day warranty apparently.
    Edd has had a Bonex fail due to bad wiring
    DiveX has had one of their older batteries fail *read catch on fire*,and they no longer use that battery module

    Obviously many more, just the ones off hand that I experienced and recall.

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    I know of someone that thought the scooter was charged but it wasn't (no battery indicator on it) and took it in about 1000' before it died. I have also seen divers swimming out with a scooter that flooded. Spoke to them at the surface and he was ~2800' when the water interfered with the electronics and killed it. It happens enough to need to be accounted for in gas planning.

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    I always plan for it, just doesn’t seem terribly frequent

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    If you dive enough everyone will experience a scooter failure, spg failure, regulator failure etc. This should be incorporated into dive planning. That being said manufacturers like SUEX have done everything they can to make a more reliable product and limit failures. Things such as a bypass of the electronics reduces the odds that component will completely render the DPV inoperable. Removable props allow for the clearing of entanglements. Battery indicators allow for more precise battery planning and for immediate confirmation of battery charge state. These are just a few reasons why the WKPP and our Falmouth Exploration team amongst others have chosen this product. I suspect that these features will become standard on high end DPVs soon. DISCLAIMER-Yes I am a SUEX dealer but these are the reasons I chose that product. Several of these features are already incorporated in other scooters as well.

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    Driving my scooter like a cowboy resulted in my scooter eating my tow cord once.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jdobbertien View Post
    , especially with the newer more reliable scooters seems quite rare
    I feel different about new products. Led acid batteries and no semiconductors in my Gavin make me feel good. I know it will work even flooded. True it is maybe heavier and slower than some modern stuff but I'm used to it over the years. Never failed me, actually I'm very thankful to Trey for it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by diveconjeff View Post
    Driving my scooter like a cowboy resulted in my scooter eating my tow cord once.
    Glad I'm not the only one.

    My old Cuda 850 sheared the pin the connected the prop to the shaft on two occasions. Once I was with a buddy and got a tow out (read: fondle his balls for 45 minutes), and the other time I was solo and had a looong swim out.

    More recently, my battery charger partially blew an internal fuse, and indicated full charges when it was only partially charged. It took a couple of dives before I figured out the problem and fixed it. Those dives ended sooner than expected, and again resulted in some long swims.


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    Just plan for failures. If you are going farther than you can swim out, dive with a buddy, or tow a spare scooter. FWIW, I have had scooter failures. I swam out twice, and was towed out once.

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    Two scooter failures in 40 years of using them.
    Both Gavins, both trigger interface (the little white pencil thick relay thing that inserted into the inner electronic board housing) that was loose and had a bad connection. One at almost the Wakulla Room in Indian, buddy was towing a Tekna (OK as long as you don't drop down INTO the Wakulla Room...we were going to leave it at the balcony)...so he gave it to me and we motored out without further incident.
    Other time was in Eagle's Nest....buddy towed me out.
    If you scooter often enough you'll get a failure of some sort, pure and simple.
    Plan accordingly.


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