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    i have a Santi vest and i wouldnt mind moving towards the Light Monkey one since the Santi Vest is 200g + Heating element. Turns me into a michelin man. Its not very practical for florida since ull sweat alot just getting ready

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    I use the santi heated vest with an Ammonite accutherm battery, dive temps can be as low as 3 degrees Celsius and it keeps me warm. I also run the Santi heated gloves as well, very toasty


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    Default Thanks a lot!

    There's a lot of good info here. Thanks to all for the info and opinions.


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    I made my own using the heated pads purchased from Light Monkey and sewed them into a fleece vest. I copied a friend's design that did the same thing. If you are DIY-type of person Light Monkey will (or at least used to) sell the heating pads separately. The bonus is the fleece vest provides an additional layer of insulation but in cold water with 450gr undergarments, heated vest, base layer..it's a lot of bulk.

    It's only 40W of heat so I don't use a controller although I have multiple 10Ah batteries that I can swap out for a second dive. I'm typically not doing more than 2-2.5 hour runtimes in 4C (39f) water. I'm probably going to upgrade to a larger pack soon since I plan on running Santi heated gloves shortly but for just running a 40W a vest a 10Ah battery is not too bad.

    11.1v x 10Ah = 111Wh
    111Wh / 40W = 2.775 (~2 1/2 hours) of runtime provided minus any loses .

    If I were do to it again, I'd probably just purchase the Light Monkey base layer option. Its less bulky and their wiring job is much better than mine. I'm not a fan of heated vests with Thinsulate. Harder to less and wash than base layer type heating solutions.

    I agree with others, keep the battery pack external. I have a love/hate relationship with E/O cords. There are far better underwater connectors out there but if you're wanting to share the battery with a light head or even have same connectors as others you might dive with then I would stick with E/O. Others mentioned but use can use DeoxIt and Mineral Oil to keep the connections clean of corrosion

    I also own a Thermalution vest and was very happy with it but it gave me some concerns knowing I had lithium batteries in my suit with no way to isolate them however I never had any issues with it. I switched away from using it because I wanted something warmer that had a longer runtime. I was not able to get 2 dives off my Thermalution in the Great Lakes with running it on low.

    Now I am curious about switching to a 4S battery pack. I'm wondering if the Light Monkey pads (and my wiring) can handle the increased voltage. I'm going to have to test that.

    Also that Northern Light Scuba heated vest that michael-fisch posted looks interesting. 45W but which is a bit more than the Light Monkey option but it I'm guessing it's much hotter running off a 4S battery pack.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Johan Isaksson View Post
    The best heated vest in my opinion would be one using FIR technology but with external batteries. Ursuit makes one and you can use a converter to connect it to a hip mounted battery. It heats better than the regular vests and the battery use is far less so you get better durations. I have previously used a LOLA vest, Santis and thermalution but currently use a combination of the ursuit vest with santi heated gloves and an external battery for the most extreme dives - 200 minutes+ in water 3-4 degree C. For anything less than three hours I do not bother because you can dress for it easily enough with better undergarment strategies.
    I use this from Ursuit also, but with the internal battery. During the dive I don't feel that it is warmer than without, but directly after the dive it makes a big difference. I use it for horseriding also.
    You cannot use the button of the battery once you are diving, it allways get locked. No problem, but just to know. If you think I want more heat or less during a dive, that does not work. That is a disadvantage.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ericfine50 View Post
    What undergarment are you running with the base layer?
    Depends on the dive. Anything from an arctic to an XM450.

    Ken Sallot


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