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    I would go to Rock Bluff. We were there weekend before last and it was the absolute best conditions I have ever seen. The river is up since then so if you can't get in the cave it is probably time to sell your gear.

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    Had a customer at Hart yesterday and he said conditions are great with very little flow. Two days ago Little River was still dive-able, no confirmation about it reversing yet. Peacock and Cow are still open as many have already mentioned and an instructor was there yesterday at P1 with good conditions, Ginnie is good (of course) Jug, and Manatee are also options. Eagles Nest had around 25' in the ballroom as of the 1st (not sure if it is looking any better beyond, probably in the Lockwood it's somewhat better). Keep an eye on river levels but there should be a few options for this weekend.

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    I spoke to the ranger/office person at Hart this morning. She said the basin turned brown this morning but there were 2 divers at the site trying to dive it. I just called back and was told the divers said the spring was syphoning tanic river water into the system. Sounds like it is toast.

    Also saw on facebook that Peacock and Cow are blown/closed. Looks like if you want to dive, Ginnie or the mill pond is your best bet.

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    Little River was completely tannic and siphoning today around noon.

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    Glad I have a Ginnie pass

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    Are there any recent reports about Emerald, Leon Sinks and Meeting House area?


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