I picked up a used Piranha Travel Battery kit, with the intention of using the tube to house a custom lithium battery. I have the original NiMh Cuda 400 battery left over, and do not need it.

Unfortunately, WYSIWYG with this. It came fully charged, but the included charger appears to be broken. It measures 42.7 volts now, for whatever that's worth, but I have not burn tested, and that is the extent of my knowledge about this particular battery.

New, these run about $1000; full rebuilds are less than half of that. Selling for $250 (net to me, so PayPal as gift or add 3%) plus shipping (USPS from 96950, 16 lbs, 10x10x10 box, likely around $50). I'll be in Japan at the end of the year and again in March, so can potentially ship international with cheaper-than-USPS rates.


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