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    Just use a hangman's knot. That way, if you are lost, you can just hang yourself and get it over with.

    "Those who the gods seek to destroy, first learn how to play golf."
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    Leslie Nielsen 11-28-2010

    "Into the blue again; in the silent water
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    Quote Originally Posted by Terry D View Post
    Anyone who has tried adding a knot to a properly placed and tensioned line know that it is a PITA.
    How about using something that can be easily added to the line after it's been place? Maybe using duct tape in the intended direction?

    Terry (with 2 Rs)
    Better yet, we could combine a Wison arrow with a Dorf marker. It'd look something like this...
    Click image for larger version

Name:	220px-KlingonInsignia.svg.png
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    We could call it something catchy... Like a Worf marker

    Jeff Rouse
    Chicago, IL


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