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    Default Any tree climbers on here?

    I?ll be in cave country mid December for some diving.

    I have recently taken up learning to tree climb and do arborist work. On the recreational side of tree climbing, there is a system of climbs similar to geocaching and there happens to be a tree in the Gainesville area that I?d like to climb while I?m there.

    FWIW these recreational climbs are low impact, respect the tree, leave no mark types of climbs.

    I?d love to be able to borrow some gear, vs. hauling/shipping my tree gear down as well as my dive gear.

    I?d be thrilled to be able to leave my rope and saddle at home and just bring the bare essentials.

    Please ping me if you might be game.


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    Yep. Good practice for vertical (dry) caving. Message Hunabku on here. He’d probably be happy to at least point you in the right direction.

    "Cave diving is for grown ups. Make grown up decisions."

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    Those pine trees suck because of sap residue on ropes. Trees were always used down here for vertical refresh before going to TAG. Although FSS now has a climbing tower


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