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Thread: P1 Heads Up!

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    Quote Originally Posted by gschaut View Post
    Please forgive a few stupid questions:

    1. Does P1 still have a line committee? Are not all changes to lines/markers run thru the line committee?

    2. What is the DOWN SIDE of having double arrows at jumps, with arrows facing nearest exit? How do double arrows present a hazard, and how is that hazard mitigated by replacing double arrows with cookies?

    Yes, there are occasions when I am exiting, that I exit away from the nearest exit. That's why I drop a personal cookie in the direction of MY exit.

    3. Regardless of what standards are used in France, Mexico or Proxima Centuri, is not the American standard that jumps be marked with double arrows? How is safety enhanced by changing established standards on a cave by cave basis?

    Sorry, I just don't understand the logic behind what was done.
    No, there are no more line committees in state parks.

    The big problem in double arrows is in caves with multiple exits. Peacock is the best example in the US. There are a lot more in Mexico, etc.

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    Default P1 Heads Up!

    Guess they do not teach cave awareness and learn the cave anymore.
    In Mexico I verify the arrows. Add a cookie or my arrow if needed. How I was taught.
    In Peacock (familiar with most of the main line stuff and the cave) if I agree with the arrows I am good. If going a different way then arrows, mark as taught.

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    Can't say I agree with what was done without at least discussing canges beforehand but it is good food for thought about how things can change so fast. My instructor never taught visual jumps. You ALWAYS mark your jumps with a marker on the closest "known" exit. No reason not to. Had I discovered this change it wouldn't have phased me one bit as I would have my exit marked. This of course assumes my marker and line was not tamered with.


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