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    Default IANTD 32% Nitrox Diving & Decompression Tables w/ optional 50% Accelerated Deco Table

    So, I have been carrying a copy of the IANTD 32% Nitrox Dive Table w/Optional 50% Accelerated Deco Table in my wetsuit pocket as a backup. Admittedly, I should have been removing it from the pocket when cleaning my gear but the advertisement did say virtually indestructible. Mine is the flexible model that can be rolled or folded and stowed.

    Upon removing the table from my pocket during my last cleanup, I found that much of the information (text) had been worn off which would render my backup useless.

    I was wondering if there is a different product available.

    Yes, I realize that there are such things as decompression computers.



    Dominick Gheesling

    Hike your own hike.

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    By a different product I assume you mean a different material with the same schedules. There isn't to my knowledge.

    I got these tables when I took IANTD AN. I have the 32/50 laying around here some where but I never use. The IANTD procedures are a little wonky... Max PPO2 1.5 instead of 1.6 and switch at 20' instead of 50' with a last stop of 15'. They are also pretty agressive if I recall correctly.

    Still if this works for you, you can replace it for about $11.


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    Thanks! That is the exact model I will be replacing. Just thought I would check to see if their was a different version.

    Dominick Gheesling

    Hike your own hike.


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