Rigged for Big Guy - 6'-9", 275lbs
magnus 3 years old, vortex/alum prop
108's (4),(2) out of 1st hydro, O2 40/Mk25, (2)40's, (3)S80 stages - 1 out of hydro
JT Sidemount & backmount rigs (with low profile OMS manifold)
(2)Atomic ST1's [main], (2)Beuchat VX10's [stages] perfect condition
XL F1 fins
Kevlar Ursuit/light Weezle suit - 15 dives..
Light Monkeys, Blues and Diverite lights
Helmet w/(2) Blue 5000's, GoPro mount
everything in very good condition -ready to dive

probably missed some items, but if you are a newbie and very tall, this is good gear for good money.

..not responding to this forum. You'll have to come to Orlando near the airport to see everything

figure 55% off retail
Call to setup an appointment