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Thread: JB sidemount

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    Default JB sidemount

    If you're looking for a quick sidemount dive with excellent viz, super nice low passages, good flow, minimal chance of a siltout, close to the entrance, but not the usual Horseshoe, Beanie, Parallel Lines or Lost Student, then look no further

    Just past 1st T, jump right at 1000 ft at C&L Bypass

    then, once back to gold line, immediately jump right again at Zumrick Siphon

    then, once back to gold line, drift back, and jump left just before 2nd T

    then, once back to gold line, drift back to the top of 2nd breakdown and jump right

    then, back again to gold line, less than one hour dive (excluding deco).

    Super enjoyable dive, highly recommended!

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    Thanx for posting. Great vids as usual.


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