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    Default Oxygen Sensor Datasheet

    Years ago I came across a datasheet for one of the oxygen sensors commonly used. It had specifications on the resistor network in the sensors and the info on temperature compenstation. Does anybody happen to have this or a similar document that they could send me? I can't find anything on AIs site except for marketing materials. Thanks!

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    The most I've ever seen were all the PDF's available over here:


    I don't see anything about resisitors but I see temp in this one as an example:


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    Cool, thanks. The AI information just lists the temperature compensation as "compensated" in their info. I've been doing some testing and have noticed a pretty significant drift in output voltage(ppO2) and it appears to correlate with temperature. Still crunching numbers, but it's a little more than I would have expected from what I've read about these guys. Would love to give a look at the solid state ones to see how they fair, but from what I can tell they've got some software running on them to handle calibration, drift, temp compensation, etc.

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    Here's some info I got from AI when I had a bad sensor out of the package.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Diving_Brochure_2012 (2).pdf   AII_Info Sensor Facts_Booklet_v9 (1).pdf   QA_Brochure_30515A.pdf  


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