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    Default Travel case for rebreather

    Does anyone still use a Pelican case to travel (check) their rebreather or do you just use a standard hard sided case? I read threads in the past where people used the pelican but those are 10yr old threads and the weight limits have changed. I can?t fit all my stuff in the carry on. I am looking at the pelican air case 1637 for check luggage (need to keep total weight under the 50lb). It looks like the best protection for the head and canister. I am worried that the Pelican case will scream steal me! Experience and recommendations appreciated.

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    most of the manufacturers I've seen are flying with the pelican air cases

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    There are a couple of threads over on RBW about this. It seems like a lot of people use regular hard suitcases to keep the weight down. I've used the AP shipping crate without problem, and my buddy just uses a Patagonia wheeled duffle bag (I think he puts the head in carry on). Big pelican cases do make things look extremely valuable, and they're also really heavy when you're trying to shave ounces.


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    I try my best to fly with at least most of, if not all of my unit (excluding tanks) in a hard sided carry on with some padding. The best option really depends on what unit you dive. My optima for example had a padded case that was specifically designed to be used as a carry on.

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    1 more vote for carry on plus regular suitcase. any "special" crate etc. creates too much attention on various levels..
    also keep an eye on liability limits for checked luggage and insurance options.

    For me all gear goes into regular bags/cases.. but first dip is carry on maxed out and with priority to item value..

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    I have flown many times with my rebreather in a pelican case. Not sure what the Pelican model is, but I had it at/near 50 lbs. Never had an issue with any damage to the scrubber can's in transit, or theft, but I always go direct to the luggage area to get my luggage, and dont delay. my last few trips I have been keeping the rebreather in my carry on luggage, and keeping my other dive stuff in the checked suit case, which is just a big suit case vs the pelican case. It's a bit easier in the carry on, and I control it.

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    I am traveling with a Prism 2. I have a can light, 3 extra set of regs to take as well. I am worried most about the bucket breaking in transit.

    Do most of you do you use a hard sided or duffle for carry on? I worry about a duffle in case they make me check it.

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    Hard side wheeled bag works great for me.

    Jason Gulley


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