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    Default HangTime Lake City House for Cave Divers


    HangTime Lake City is open for rental. The house is located in NW Lake City, a mile walk from SF2 HQ at Ethan Place.

    We have a facebook page to view pictures of the house, and you can coordinate rental at any time by simply calling and talking with the folks at Lake City Dive Center at (386) 487-6345. You can also email us at Hangtimelakecity@gmail.com or susan@lakecitydivecenter.com.



    On site are:
    6 Aluminum 80s
    6 Aluminum 40s
    3L rebreather bottles
    4L rebreather bottles

    Comcast Xfinity cable
    ethernet and blazing fast wifi
    three bedrooms
    two full baths
    all utilities included
    garage set up for divers with two assembly tables, a stocked work bench, and a charging table, rolling tank carrier, two clothes racks with drysuit and wetsuit hangers, sorb available on site for extra charge.

    2014 Square foot and an additional room added on that is set up to be a classroom. White board, laser printer, and apple tv.

    Place is super comfortable and kept super clean. Kitchen is fully stocked and so is the wet bar (replace what you use!).

    Ideal for anyone who wants the best.


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    What are rates? Can you come down and just rent out the house?

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    We have three bedrooms. The master has a full bed, so assume that's a couple. The master suite is quite large, and has a super big tub and a walk in shower. All rooms have walk in closets.

    The second room has a full day bed, and a twin trundle.

    The third bedroom has two twin beds.

    All bedrooms have Comcast Cable TV and WiFi.

    Second bath is a full bath, and quite large.

    Let's assume you have 6 people comfortably staying.

    The rates are FOR THE WHOLE house. We have a HUGE kitchen, living, sitting and dining area. The classroom is perfect for a travelling instructor, with everything you would need. Check out our pictures!

    4 nights for $700, full week is $1200, full month is $3000. Other packages can be negotiated.

    Thanks for your interest! Give us a call at (386) 487-6345, we can figure something out for you.



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