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    Default Dive Rite Rec EXP 45# (probably current version) - thoughts?

    Hi All,

    I’ve been offered a near new Dive Rite Rec EXP at a reasonable price and have been trying to get some info on it past the basic specs.

    I’m looking for a wing that can handle double LP85s, HP100s or Al80s with one stage and was wondering what people think about this as an option. Most comments reccommend between 40 and 50# wings for these applications.

    I don’t want to use it as a single wing so that’s not an issue.

    There are very few reviews out there and most comments are aimed at people wanting a dual purpose wing.

    I just need a wing that can handle the above tank options (all under 7.25 inch diameter) and doesn’t have issues with trim / buoyancy distribution. I’ll primarily be diving dry (if wet it would be only with AL80s).

    I’d appreciate any input on this wing or if anyone has something they think would be more appropriate lying around I’d be interested in that as well.



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    I had the EXP Classic which was a bigger wing. Liked it but sold it because jumping into 600 feet of water in the Gulf of Mexico next an oil platform with double 120s, a 72cuft and a 40cuft is not place for a single bladder wing diving wet.
    Anyway looking for another wing and considering the 45# dual bladder version now.
    I have been on several trips diving heavy and wet in open water with a gentleman that dives that 45# wing in the XT version. He has an article on his site under the equipment section that may or may not help you. (johnchatterton.com)
    Granted we were usually diving helium which changes the lift needs. If nitrox in caves, maybe different, but you will probably be diving dry.

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    PS: let me know if you pass on that wing, I may want it


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