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Thread: Hurricane

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    Default Hurricane

    Are you guys in SC evacuating, or riding the storm out?

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    My parents are in Beaufort (southern part of the state) and they are riding it out. I think this will land somewhat like Hugo so they are a ways away

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    Nephew is in Raleigh, NC. He is a police officer and will remain on duty. He is sending his wife and family to in-laws up in the Smoky Mountains further inland.

    This is NOT a storm to take lightly. My friends who are meteorologists are posting "fire and brimstone" warnings on this one.


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    Currently on our boat in Southport,NC going south off shore as quickly as possible..AICW (inland) route most likely will be devistated by Friday on..
    Will be monitoring 7.268 and 14.300 MHz .14.325 MHz when Hurricane Net is activated.
    Clay AA3JY
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    Good morning.

    Ham radio operators are monitoring all over the US. The Hurricane Watch Net is activated on 14.325MHz to take reports and relay emergency traffic. Local hams are reporting to shelters with their "to-go" rigs to transmit "we're safe" reports.

    God Bless. KD8M

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