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Thread: Backup lights

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    I really the DGX 600 lights (Brinyte DIV05) as backups. They are small and have good output. In a pinch I have used them as a "primary." The downside is their runtime is not super long (about 100 minutes with good quality 18650 cell). I simply carry 3 of them. I believe Brinyte rates them for 2 hours but I'm not sure about that claim.

    The DGX 800 which are a bit longer will do 2+ hours, no problem. I need to do a burn test on them with Panasonic cells at some point. I would probably switch to all DGX 800s if I didn't already own a bunch of DGX 600s.

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    I have Light Monkey 2w led backups as well as Halcyon scouts. I like them both, had them both some years.

    Only problem is i have to keep the LM and Halcyon lights on different sides of my crate or they'll tangle with each other...cave politics has no limits.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MORGAN View Post
    Light Monkey - I forget the designation, but it's the LM version of the old Salvo Rat Jr. Takes 2 CR-123 lithium batteries. Small, bright, simple, reliable, abuse-proof.
    That's all I use! One on each shoulder and one on my mask

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    My choice would be 3C (I have 2 Scouts) for classic BM, less chance to misjudge the charge of elements (I throw away batteries once a year and prefer Duracel), standard size and availability in local stores, no need for extra charger and guessing. When diving sidemount (solo) I have multiple lights and they are rechargeable and placed in different spots along body (head, chest, hips). I think adding more elements into unit presents more chance of malfunction (reg. replacing 18650 with 3 AAA) especially in times when components are made in china from crappy metal with poor corrosion resistance. There was a reasoning at the time everybody were transitioning to LED in backup lights stating that the older incandescent halogen bulb is less reliable than LED. I remember answering that it is not exactly true - LED drivers (PCB) are assembled in China by hands "growing from the rear end" with poor soldering, no water resistant coating and with brass connectors turning black from first exposure to air is not something that more reliable than was trusted Scout or UK6 (which can also be used as accidental line anchor). By the way how 18650 are welcomed through airport checkpoints?

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    18650's are not an issue going through the security at the airports. Luckily the Cancun and Cozumel airports have finally got on the same page as the US and require all batteries to be in your carry on. There was often some confusion a few years ago as the airlines said they had to be in your carry on but the Mexican "TSA" would often send you back to check them. It was a much bigger problem with extra batteries versus batteries in something.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Walter Pickel View Post
    That's all I use! One on each shoulder and one on my mask
    How do you attach it to the mask strap?

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    A LM handheld for a bu primary and I switch between 2 DiveRites(3AAA) and a LM 2w for bu lights.

    Safe diving,

    Sandy Robinson

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pirate Dave View Post
    How do you attach it to the mask strap?
    2 zip ties, there is a groove on both the forward end as well as the aft end of the light - works perfectly


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