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    Default Slatemine 'Felicitas' Germany

    2 weeks ago I went with 2 other ccr divers in an old slate mine in Germany. This mine opened for divers a couple of weeks ago. The main part of the mine is 30m deep (in winter 34), and a small part is 40-45m deep. It has a lot of chambers and tunnels to explore. We did not went in far, but did 2 90 minute dives. The watertemperature is here limiting.
    The pictures are taken in the 'newer' part of the mine. The 'older' part is for a next visit.
    The tunnel from surface to the 30m zone is a no viz tunnel. And really no viz. As the mine is new for diving, a lot of perculation is falling of the ceiling. A lot of silt at the bottom. Only 10 divers a day are allowed. You have to pay an entrance fee and show your insurance and certs.

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    wow lots of cool machinery left behind!

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    When I was in Germany last month they provided me a lot of information as will be diving there next year.
    They will provide rental tanks and have places to stay near by they can direct you to.
    Much better service then the other mine which was a nightmare to organize
    Remember you need medical etc for diving the mine so ensure you line up requirements.
    Also require CCR Cave card or will have to do a checkout before

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    Cool pics!

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    Very nice! Is there a website link?


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