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    Default Diverite O2ptima BMCLs

    I got my TDI certification on my Optima a year ago. I purchased my unit from AddHelium and it came with both the front mounted counter lungs and the gen1 back mounted counterlungs. While going thru training I used the front mount, but I'm interested in trying the back mount. The general setup is pretty straight forward with the Omni-swivel MAVs and counterlungs, but I can't find any specific information on setup, adjustment and use. Here is my question: Does anyone have any specific experience with the Optima gen1 BMCL? How is yours set up? Any special techniques or tweeks (dil flush, ADV setup & adjustment, weighting) that might be helpful?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Does no one dive Optimas, or does no one use the older style BMCLs on them?

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    I'm trying to remain content with the SMCLs for now. I am thinking of either adding a shrimp BOV or nerd2.. but that's not much help to you.

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    Given a choice between the nerd2 of the GG shrimp, I'd go with the shrimp. I have one and really love it, a very fine breather with smooth one handed operation.


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