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    Default 108s for sidemount

    Considering breaking up my 108s for sidemounting and am curious as to how they perform. I'm 6'2 so I don't think length would be an issue

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    They handle fairly well. I am small, so they were a little long and heavy for me. Very similar to PST 104s, which I sidemounted for many years.

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    I have some but honestly I like lp 120's better. More gas and I really can't tell the difference between them and the 108's as far as weight in the water, etc. I am guessing Faber's and not galvanized tanks? I wouldn't use galvanized tanks for anything but high helium mixes.

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    I'm 5'7" and they do fine trim-wise. No problem handling them, at least in the water.

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    Used my 108s for SM for years. Also 6'2.

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    I am 6' 1" and use 108s with no problem. If your rig is balanced well you can dive with al80s to 120s and anything in between. Most sidemount instruction is given in 85s because they trim well out of the box, but too bad nobody takes the time to help trim out the rigs on larger sized tanks.

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    I use some LP108s for sidemount rebreather bailout with a lot of helium. I just switched over to them, but I like them so far.

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    they are galvanized unfortunately but i will be selling them and investing in fibers

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    When I started SM I broke up my Worthy 108s. No question they were heavy and needed a little extra lift, but they trimmed out very nicely. I am 5' 10" 215 lbs and never had an issue with them being too long.

    I still use them for dives like the Sweet Surprise /Mainland circuit. I find it to be easier than bringing a stage through the circuit.

    Otherwise I'll use SM 85's with stage bottle(s) as appropriate..

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    Quote Originally Posted by kylejones982 View Post
    they are galvanized unfortunately but i will be selling them and investing in fibers
    Assuming you dive dry it's not a bad tank. On OC with a drysuit, I prefer the galvanized tanks over the Fabers. My first SM tanks were galvanized 108s and I dove those exclusively for probably my first 300 SM dives.


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