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    Default OTS Guardian Full Face AGA Mask w/Buddy Phone

    I've got 2 of these OTS full face masks available... yes, you too can rescue soccer teams from submerged cave systems!

    both masks are in great condition, fully functional and buddy phone/comm units work great. PM with questions. new LP hoses on both units.

    $900 per mask/buddyphone combo.

    Click image for larger version

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    BTW, your title says OTS Guardian Full Face AGA Mask, but the OTS Guardian is a somewhat different mask. (See below). The visor is the same and the mask body is similar, but the second stage is quite a bit different. (And the hose comes over your right shoulder vice the AGA which comes over the left.)


    Your masks are Interspiro AGA masks. OTS does distribute them in addition to other full face masks such as the Guardian.


    Your masks do look very nice.

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    Good catch! Thanks for the info...certainly helpful!

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