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Thread: Hart conditions

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    Default Hart conditions

    How would Hart be with all of the rain lately? I'd like to go while I have some time, but not sure if it will be crappy or not.

    PS I've never been so nothing about it other than I can only go in at Little Hart without a guide.

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    My last trip there was the end of June and the conditions were amazingly good. I've heard it's still good right now.

    There's a park entrance fee of $5 and a diving fee of $20. The park opens at 9AM and you have to check in at the main office before you can go diving.

    Non-guided diving: Non-guided divers can only dive at Little Hart. You will need your DAN card, cave card, and proof of 100 cave dives (Abe Davis, etc) if you go without a guide. The permanent line starts right next to the ski rope at the bottom of the fissure (immediately in the cavern zone), you will need the ski rope for the first 400' or so. The ski rope is 50' shy of where the cave opens up and the flow drops, but it really does get easier once you're in there.

    Guided diving: Diving at Black Lagoon requires a guide. You will need your DAN card, cave card, and proof of 100 cave dives to present to your guide.

    Max depth from either entrance is about 80' with an average of about 75'. 32% and oxygen work pretty good.

    Info on diving there and a list of guides is available at https://divehartsprings.com/

    Ken Sallot

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    Thanks for the in depth info. We werent sure whether the rain would ruin it.

    On the mainline does that mean its basically almost in open water?

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    Call the park and ask someone to go out to the bridge that goes across the basin...the river water level gauge there should be around 9-9.1 to have the best conditions......low to zero flow and good viz.

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    Considering going Sat. Would not mind going with a guild but there is some question if it will still be good. Anyone interested in a day by day call?

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    Was beautiful today!

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    Excellent dive at Little Hart with Ary.

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    Water is high but started to recede
    Boil is still there at Little Hart and 30 ft clear zone around the vent.
    "No swimming" which is nice for divers - park is not crowded
    Visibility in system improves from 50' to clear after first 400-500 feet.

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    Dove Little Hart yesterday. Basin level was a foot higher than two months ago, when we had very low flow, but a substantial boil on the surface was a bit confusing. Flow was RIPPING in the first 3-400 ft.....apparently the aquifer is well recharged from all the recent rains. Basin and cave VERY clear....70-80 ft. viz.

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    The young lady staffing the check-in desk said they flooded for one week and that the basin had just cleared on Tuesday (14th).


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