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    Default Return of the NACD

    As has been seen on this forum the NACD is making an attempt at a return. The NACD is our history,but there are some things recently that has lead to their demise. Their President has answered questions and taken criticism and satire from users of the CDF.

    "Not all change is improvement...but all improvement is change" Donald Berwick

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    I think the CDS is doing a very good job and do not think that having another similar organization would benefit anyone. It would just spread the funds for conservation, member benefits, etc. thinner. The NACD cannot offer anything the CDS isn't doing well IMO.

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    It is always good to have an alternative.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ARY View Post
    It is always good to have an alternative.
    There are plenty. NFSA, GUE & CDS as far as things beyond training. If we are talking about training I have asked this simple question before and have never received an answer. What could the NACD do to differentiate themselves from the other training agencies? I really don't see where they could add anything. GUE has done a really good job of capturing the high end of the market and the rest of the agencies are left to fight out the low to middle ground. Since most instructors teach for several different agencies such as the CDS, IANTD, TDI etc can anyone make a valid claim that any agency other than GUE is overall superior? I really don't think so and I honestly don't see where the NACD is needed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ARY View Post
    It is always good to have an alternative.
    what Eric said. Are there not enough?
    For training
    I'm sure I missed at least one

    How much more do you want?

    Conservation, CDS and NFSA have that covered for most of us, GUE takes the rest.

    Frankly I'd rather bury the hatchet and have the NACD merge into the CDS. Lifetime memberships transfer, the big fund for property goes into the CDS for the same function, and the CDS stops training and goes to something like the RSTC to stop alienating people and become a truly all-inclusive organization that sets the minimum standards for cave training, and can do unique type training like cave conservation, specific expedition type techniques, mapping, etc. but leave basic training to the other agencies.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tbone1004 View Post
    have the NACD merge into the CDS
    What does the NACD have to "merge" into the CDS? What would be the point?

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    Would most of the current NACD members already be members of the CDS?

    Richard Hardison

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    I'm more sentimental than most and I'll fight longer than I should for a lost cause, but I'm pretty much done with the NACD.

    I lost respect for the various BODs and the personal agendas they pushed. It became, at best, just a good old boys club that was working to promote the interests of a few over bearing individuals. They burned a lot of bridges and even in dram tolerant cave country they went way too far. I don't think there is any coming back from that as they lost what credibility they had and with the competition out there today, they are not going to get it back.

    On the other hand, I'm not entirely comfortable with the NSS-CDS either. The parent organization is all about dry caving, and at best the CDS is a bit of a step child. And of course the CDS has had it's own drama that left a bad taste in some mouths. They need to take a lesson from the NACD's good ol'boy approach and how well that worked out and then work a bit harder to keep personal interests out of CDS operations.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Puttzer View Post
    Would most of the current NACD members already be members of the CDS?
    I would suspect, Rick revoked my lifetime membership because he got butthurt - http://www.caveatlas.com/blog/?view=plink&id=148

    The following was 6 years ago, when will Rick leave the NACD? Probably after they have drained the accounts (why else would he be on here trying to gin up members? -- mama needs that money).


    You are very busy on the chat boards these days.

    The NACD Bylaws will be applied fairly and to the best ability without prejudice. You may read the current Bylaws of the NACD at http://www.safecavediving.com/bylaws.htm Of particular interest are the articles 3.09 through to 3.11 as these paragraphs surmise the standards and administrative procedures of membership termination and will govern the BoDs in the application of the Bylaws. "

    Of specific interest to you Walter is that I will be consistent in applying the by-laws and point out the by-law article 3.09 (6) as a caution towards membership termination. You asked the other day if you were still a NACD member? I answered "yes" because you are still a member.

    Other NACD members are complaining regarding your posts on the chat board. I caution you as I will take the required administrative action deemed necessary to protect the NACD and its membership.

    Walter I am all about the membership.

    Rick Murcar
    NACD BoD

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    Quote Originally Posted by DA Aquamaster View Post
    It became, at best, just a good old boys club
    You mean like giving "Instructor of the Year" to a convicted cocaine dealer?

    Wonder why he (Johnny Richards) retained his membership when mine was revoked (for making truthful points). Hmmmm...Rick, Larry, Deb (oh yeah), anyone else want to comment on the High Springs drug trade? NACD is back baby...new suppliers maybe?


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