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    Default Four years after oil spill, 1,250-pound tar mat washes ashore in Florida


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    This isn’t as rare as they would like you to believe. The last year that I was working in the GoM doing oil pipeline work, we got notified of a leak. We found the leak 45 minutes after the alarm bells went off. The cause? A 1 inch hole in an 8 inch pipe at 40 feet of depth. Within 20 minutes of finding the issue, our fastest crew boats (the 30 foot kind with triple 400hp engines) brought booms and absorbent to contain the slick. When we finally got it contained, the spill was 2 miles wide, 8 miles long.

    Surely you guys watched this on the news, right? NOPE!!! Because oil companies payoff whistle blowers, politicians, and the media to keep this stuff quiet. Deep water Horizon was too big (and bright) to cover up. But there are oil spills in the GoM all the time. But, just like a shooting in a ritzy neighborhood, it is kept quiet.


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