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    Default Cow & Ginnie 7/25/2018

    I posted this to Facebook, but thought I'd share it here just because I mention that the tannic water is beginninbg to touch the edge of the Devil's Eye.

    I had one of the best cave dives of my life in Ginnie tonight. I jumped to Hill 400 and July Spring. IMHO it's one of the prettiest parts of the Devil's system. I felt totally in the zone. Even though I was just putzing along with no particular place to go, it seemed like every breath and movement was deliberate yet automatic. I just floated in a dream-like state with the senses heightened. I call dives like these, "Jen dives," after my ex-girlfriend who could find smaller and smaller pictures in nature while diving, opening one Matryoshka after another. For a second, I scared myself. As I turned the corner into the Lips, I usually go high before dropping on the bedding plane and pulling myself through. This time I was just over the line and had my light in my hand in such a way that, when I looked up from checking my SPG, the combined shadows created what looked like a black bear walking toward me. I jumped like a cat for a second until my brain processed that: 1) It was not a bear -- just a shadow. 2) Black bears are not often found 300 feet back in underwater caves. Aside from that, it was nearly a perfect, incredibly serene dive. It would have been perfect (like catching the perfect wave) if not for the 4 drunk guys upon surfacing at Little Devil. That dive was in stark contrast to my earlier dive where I felt more like a commercial diver than a cave diver entering upstream Cow Spring. Last time I dove Cow, I was in the zone entering through the restrictions. This time, the buddy bottle was behaving like an unruly child as I pushed it ahead trying to have as little impact on the entrance as possible while running line. The bottle, my doubles, my light cord, and my pockets kept getting snagged, bumped, or stuck. My first cave instructor would be very proud of my guideline work, though. Once inside, I kept thinking about how a lights out exit would suck and it would really suck if the cave collapsed. I like black bears better. Conditions inside where gorgeous. Every time I dive Cow, it pours rain on me while getting geared up. I was going to do downstream after exiting, but the rain washed lots of runoff into the basin that was getting sucked downstream. The tannic water is beginning to touch the Devil's Eye entrance at Ginnie. At the edge of the hole you are in 10 feet of water and it's a little yellow-brown when looking toward the Santa Fe.

    Trace Malinowski
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    Enjoyed. Thank you!

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    Thanks for the write up. You call them Jen dives, I call them Zen dives, where everything “just goes right”. Brain, body, gear, and cave seem to all work together without effort or thought.

    Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.
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