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    Default Santi Thermovalve - Apeks vs Si-Tech

    Does anyone happen to know how to tell an Apeks from an Si-Tech thermovalve? I?m assuming the diameter of the threads is different but can?t find any numbers.

    All the stores offer two options but don?t mention the technical details.

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    the hole diameter is different. If you have a hole punched for a si-tech, an apeks won't fit. If you have a hole for an Apeks, the gaskets for the Santi will still cover the hole and is usable.

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    I have the sitech vega valve on my suit because it came with a sitech sized hole. I'm not huge on it since the inflation button feels smaller / and its not centered. In addition, the valve requires allen keys to install which is annoying.

    My previous suit had Apeks valve and Santi bulkhead which i preferred.


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