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    Default dry suits al 80's lp 77 doubles

    To much stuff laying around need to move it.


    AL80 hydro 2/17 filled with 50% with Mod stickers $100

    Al80 hydro 3/16 Empty $100

    I can add stage rigging for $15 each

    Double LP77 Worthington, manifold and bands 5/18 hydro and viz $250 The hot dip has issues and requires a sand and spray of cold zinc coating occasionally.

    DUI Flex Extreme Red/black fits 5?8? 175 new zipper and seals $350

    DUI TLS 350 grey/black fits 5?8? 175 newer zipper and seals $350

    Atlan 7mm sport neoprene dry suit $75

    Pictures available on request.

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    Can I get pics of the stage rigging?

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    I would be interested in the 50% al with rigging assuming it's din value and maybe the empty no rigging again assuming pro value or din


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