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    Default Tech Friendly Caribbean Destination?


    Anyone have any suggestions for a good tech-friendly/CCR-friendly destination in the Caribbean? Please let me know if a particular dive operations is especially accommodating.

    - Access to trimix at a reasonable cost
    - Access to CCR scrubber material
    - Access to high-pressure O2 fills for CCR
    - Availability of some cave diving, but not a deal-breaker
    - Boats amenable to longer tech run times.


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    Divetech in Grand Cayman.

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    Buddy’s in Bonaire is CCR/Tech Dive friendly and they rent Bonex DPV’s. Also, you’re not necessarily reliant on a boat for tech dives. That’s a big plus!

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    There are caves on Cayman. Bonaire only has a small cavern.

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    St Croix has easy access to walls to get you to any depth you desire. Several shops on island cater to rebreather divers now. Might be a challenge to get a mixed tec/rec boat that would let you do long run times, but if you have enough folks to fill the boat with tec divers, generally not a problem.

    Not sure I would call helium costs 'reasonable' in Bonaire or St Croix, but probably have to give an edge to Bonaire on He price.

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    Grand Cayman - Nat Robb and company with In-Depth Watersports (I've been using them for the last 6 years) and Divetech. Nat runs an 8 seater very fast rib and a smaller 4 pack, so getting on the walls is very quick.

    Belize - Chip Peterson, Belize Diving Services. Deep walls, good aquatic life, and Giant Cave all within easy reach.

    Cozumel - Rolly, Dive Cozumel. Note, I talked to Rolly last about 3 years ago and he was thinking about closing up shop, but he still appears to have his thing going.

    BTW -- Helium's expensive in the Cayman Islands. I mean really expensive. But whatever.


    Ken Sallot

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    On Cozumel I would also recommend German Ya?ez. He is rebreather diving now.

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    Info on Cayman caves? Headed there tomorrow.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scubaru View Post
    Info on Cayman caves? Headed there tomorrow.
    Last time I was in Cayman I ran into some cave divers. They worked for local scuba shops and did most of their cave diving in Tulum. After asking several times, they finally offered that there were a couple of cave dives on the east end of GC, but access wasn't that great and the caves were smallish. If you ask around at dive shops you might find someone who'll give you better info, but my takeaway was that it wasn't worth it if you weren't there for long.

    There's several dry caves on GC and Cayman Brac, mostly commercial, but there's plenty of info out there on these if that's your thing.

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    There's some stuff of the Queen's Highway on the north side if you know who to talk to, but the property owners don't cotton to people swimming in their drinking water. Forrest did some stuff near Hell in West Bay many moons ago too.

    Ken Sallot


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