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    Default Caverns Measureless to Man

    So I'm booked in for Cavern, Intro and Full Cave courses these coming months. I have been saving Exley's books until confirmation of my courses... So now that I am confirmed... I went to Amazon in order to buy Caverns Measureless to Man for my Kindle.... To my horror, there does not seem to be an ebook version!

    Does anyone know if there is an ebook version floating around somewhere else? I'm a Kindle convert and want to avoid paper books...

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    I'm unaware of any ebook versions, if getting paper, just wait until you get to cave country and buy from one of the shops, they should all have it in stock

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    You'll read this in one night Only a slight exaggeration. I loved this book and couldn't put it down. I still go back and read portions again and again. Sheck was a pretty good writer and wrote in a very straightforward easy to read style....but very well. Plus it was about original exploration of NFL so fascinating. Great luck with you classes!

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    Yea, I was hoping to be carried away by the story... but no such luck yet it seems...

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    On the other hand, I have been trying to finish it since Sheck died. The problem is that Sheck was such a good friend, that it hurts me to read the book.

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