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    Default LP-27 tanks for O2ptima?

    Anyone here have experience with the LP-27 Faber tanks that fit the O2ptima? Better or worse than the Catalina AL20 tanks it came with?

    I also have a line on some Worthington X5 30 cf tanks that should fit. Anyone have any experience with these tanks?


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    I think the 27's were what it was designed around. And better or worse in what regards? More gas, but more negative...

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    I have just a few dives in using a set of LP27s. Certainly more negative. I have been diving wet, so the addition of the lower trim pillow really helped to stay horizontal.

    So far I like them. Look fwd to trying them out with a drysuit soon.

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    I dive dry most the time...I like the 27’s. The al20’s are great for diving in a 3mil though.

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    I have several tanks for my Optima. I prefer the 27’s


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