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    Default Fatality at recovery attempt in Font Estramar, France

    Following the successful rescue of the soccer team in Thailand most of us missed that Marc Sluszny, a belgian adventurer failed to come back from a dive in the french cave system of Font Estramar, the deepest system in Europe with dephts far beyond 200 m / 600 ft on June, 28th.

    Yesterday Laurent Rouchette who was part of a team of 16 divers lost his life while searching for Marc?s body.

    This is the sixth fatality in Font Estramar since 1955.

    Remember: The difference between success and failure in our sport sometimes is just the blink of an eye

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    That's a real shame. My condolences to the recovery team, the divers' family and friends.

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    Sad. It reminds me of the attempted recovery in South Africa where the recovery diver died.

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    Unfortunate news

    Jeff Rouse
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