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Thread: Madison?

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    Default Madison?

    Wondering if anyone has been to Madison this week and might have a conditions report.



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    the flow has been a yo-yo according to USGS gauges. 105-->145-->85 cfs

    based on conductance readings, i expect the front of the cave (entrance to martz) to be crappy and beyond than to get nicer. Go from Martz to Rotorooter, theres a source back there and should be nice. Zumgood is SM and not for multiple divers. Do the jump towards courtyard, nice zig zag with side tunnels to check out.

    At 85cfs, its about as an easy swim as it gets

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    We were last weekend. Basically it's green and maybe 30-40 ft viz below Martz, past Martz the green goes away but there is still a fair amount of particulate but about 60' of viz, and past the half hitch the particulate went away and it was about 100' of viz. The flow was low by Madison standards.

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