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    Default Need buddy for Peacock, Ginnie, or Jackson Blue on 7 or 8 July

    Currently Cave 1 certified, but working on building experience for Cave 2 and meeting new people to dive with. JB is closest to me, but I'm good to drive as far as the High Springs area. Not picky on the day, but I can only do one or the other. Text me at 918 213 5541 if interested. Thanks!

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    Buddy found for the morning. Still looking for someone to dive with in the afternoon at ginnie.

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    Sunday morning, that is.

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    needing a partner to get some experience before procedding to full cave class. you available?

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    Most weekends, yeah. I'm helping a buddy out with his tech upgrade next weekend, but any weekend after that I'm usually free. I'm up for JB, Peacock, Madison, Little River, or Ginnie pretty much any weekend.


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