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    I think the culture behind the QC process and how it affects training is overlooked a lot. GUE was the only agency that required me to fill out a lengthy QC form before a card could be issued. I was also strongly encouraged to point out any flaws or incidents I felt occurred during the training with myself or other students. And most importantly, its filled out online without the instructor present and sent directly to QC.

    I think that's more effective than filling it out on paper sitting across the table from the instructor, then handing it directly to that instructor for them to review. Of course they get great reviews.

    Jeff Rouse
    Chicago, IL

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    Quote Originally Posted by PfcAJ View Post
    Come on Jim. Head over to Peacock on any given Saturday and you can see the circus yourself.
    Hey, I work for a circus, I resent that. The skill and professionalism we demonstrate every day is an order of magnitude greater.

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    I believe that Jill Heinerth was the author of the RAID Cave 1 standards.

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    Quote Originally Posted by OFG-1 View Post
    I always thought of it as more of a zoo than a circus. No wait, that's Ginnie.
    I thought Ginnie was a sh!t show, PSSP a zoo and Telford a circus...

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    Quote Originally Posted by cmint View Post
    Not only did I make an A in the class I made a 103 on the final exam.
    So you learned calculus but still haven't mastered arithmetic...

    Whoever said money can't buy love never bought a puppy.

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    103% on a math exam lol


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