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Thread: Gamble Scuba

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    Default Gamble Scuba

    I received a copy of this email:

    "This message is for the most loyal customer?s a business could have. The rumors have been swirling as to my retirement and closing up shop. Gamble Scuba Inc. is now part of D3 Diving LLC. As of 7/1/2018 all assets will be moved to the Newberry location. Hopefully we will be open for business on 7/2/2018. Not to worry, as I will be at that location for the next two years to insure the knowledge gets passed on and the same level of excellent quality continues. A lot of time, thought and money has gone into this transaction and it will continue to be a top notch dry suit repair center. It will work about the same as now, put a note in with the suit and I?ll take care of it. If you drop off, the same thing. Ring the door bell and I?ll be there to open. There will be a much better shipping and billing system that I will not have to spend time with. All I have to do is work on your suits. There will be a few hiccup?s, but it should be a smooth transition. If a suit is in transit to the Gainesville address it should get to the new facility, but please use the new business info below from now on. Thank You.

    D3 Diving LLC.
    824 NW 250 Terrace
    Newberry, FL. 32669
    352 474-6464

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    Good news!

    It looks like it will be easier to get to from High Springs than the old location.

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